Editing is the Craft of Novel Writing

The editing process is a long journey. It can be overwhelming because there’s so many different elements to think about. There’s the cliche alert, compound sentence issues, grammatical minefields and story architecture to name but a few.

Think of Jill or Jane as your Editing Fairy.  we can make it easy for you.  To do this we’re offering easy, jargon-free, affordable feedback on your work.


You might have nothing more than an idea for a novel and would like to check it before you go the whole way and write seventy thousand (or more) words.

Or you may have written the first three chapters and are wondering if you’ve got a tight enough PLOT for a novel-length work.

The Book Coaching Service includes:

  • An initial free meeting [Skype, phone or person to person if you live near Frome] to discuss your ideas and wishes
  • Help with developing your writing process
  • Guidance on developing your writer’s voice
  • A full exploration of your plot, characters and themes
  • Guided help to outline your novel
  • Regular contact to keep you motivated
  • Useful feedback on your work-in-progress
  • Supportive help with all aspects of writing your novel – bad days and good days
  • writer’s block unblocking techniques!

If you’d like to know more about our Book Coaching service, contact us and we’ll arrange a free first appointment.

The price is £20 per hour of consultation.  Discounts are available based on the length of the work we need to do together.  In other words, the more coaching you get, the cheaper it is!

Editing Services

Perhaps you’ve got a full manuscript or a first draft that you’d like a little help with.


Novel Outline

Think of your story outline as a blueprint or architectural map of your novel.

You might just want to work with me on your novel outline alone.  In this case I’ll write you a full ‘synopsis’ to present to an agent as well as helpful suggestions, hints and tips on strengthening it.


This is where I look at grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.  Word repetition, cliches and other anomalies will also be picked up.  This makes it easy for you to write freely without worrying about the

Here is a breakdown of the editing packages I offer:


  • Picking up word repetition, use of cliches etc
  • Correction of errors in grammar, punctuation etc
  • Suggestions on professional layout
  • Notes on word usage 
  • Help with sentence structure, dialogue runs and story/character
  • What you get:  This is easy.  You send me your manuscript in electronic form and I’ll send back a corrected copy.
  • Cost: £25 plus £4 per thousand words.

Novel Outline

  • Structure: feedback on the structural elements of your story
  • Plot: is not the same as structure and I’ll make clear notations on your main plot points
  • Character is story and story is character – this check will make sure your main protagonist is a good fit for your story
  • Setting is also a character and I can give you helpful hints on what’s working and how to improve the atmosphere, tension and pace through your chosen setting
  • What you get from me: Again, send me your manuscript in an e-format and I’ll write out a full critique of your novel based on the elements mentioned above
  • Cost: £97

Full Manuscript Service

  • Proofreading for grammar, tense, sentence structure and punctuation
  • Novel outline including notes on structure, plot and character – please see above for details
  • Synopsis preparation of a one page synopsis for presentation to agents/publishers
  • Follow Up Meeting – If you wish to discuss your editing report we offer a follow up meeting.  This can be take place using Skype or FaceTime, or if you live in the South of England we often meet the authors to go through their questions and offer suggestions for further progress in their writing career.
  • What you get from me:
    • A marked copy of your manuscript in e-format,
    • a scene-by-scene overview,
    • a novel outline,
    • a one page synopsis
    • and a post-editing report meeting – electronic or otherwise.
  • Cost: £25 plus £4 per thousand words