Welcome to Jill’s Editing Tree.



Hi, here at the editing tree you will find an affordable editing and review service.

The CV Review & Editing Service 

Strengthen your CV with feedback by a professional writer.

The review you will get, is a clear list of suggestions for improvements.  After many years teaching and advising students entering the workplace, the professional author Jill Harris is offering a unique bespoke service of feedback and review on your CV.

In today’s job market it’s more important than ever to make a good impression.  A well crafted CV will help you stand out from the masses of other applicants.

You will also receive a great pack of CV templates when you apply for the CV review service.

If you’d like a complete re-write of your CV, this is also available.

The Novel Editing Process

Will identify and tighten things like;

  • theme
  • setting
  • character
  • plot flow
  • structure
  • point of view
  • grammar, punctuation, sentence structure to name but a few.

Each of the above elements has many branches, many leaves. Scene structure, dialogue, plot cohesion, tension…

In the first frenzy of writing a novel you shouldn’t think too much about the editing tree.

After the fire of art though – you’ve got to tend the soil of your work – the craft.

Editing is the craft of fiction writing. A skill equally as important as hooking a ride with your muse and getting words on the page.

Jill Harris b&w-smaller

The editing tree is where you’ll find positive, constructive feedback aimed at new writers.

I know what it’s like! As a new writer I searched high and low for a good editing service at a reasonable price.

I wanted to find someone specialising in proofreading, layout and editing.  As well as a writer who could work with me and offer useful suggestions for strengthening my plot flow, characters and theme.

This was a big task. I needed a writer/editor/proofreader who would be gentle in approach, experienced with writers and who knew as much about the art and craft  as they did about grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

I never found what I was looking for.

I had to learn to do it all for myself and it took years. After gaining a BSc in Psychology, I took an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa university.  For a few years I taught creative writing with the Open University, giving helpful, supportive feedback to new writers.

Now, as a published author, freelance creative writing tutor and novelist, I can offer this service to other writers.

So, if you are looking for a prompt, discreet service from a real writer and experienced teacher who understands

  • story structure
  • plot flow
  • characterisation
  • thematic development
  • setting
  • dialogue
  • layout and so on, look no further.

Payment is negotiable and based on a simple structure, within a budget you can afford and without any extra or hidden costs.

Love and writing, Jill & Jane



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