An Invitation to Write A Big Load of Words!

write your novel in a year


Welcome Writing Geeks!

You are cordially invited to Write A Big Load Of Words [WABLOW] day with us tomorrow, Saturday 22nd March 2014.


Dress code: Pajamas, a golden boob tube and micro shorts, old pullovers and tracksuit bottoms, dressing gown only or, depending on the weather, a ball gown and trilby.

 Refreshments: Several flasks of gin, coffee, tea, absinthe or sugary liquid of your choice. Chips, tahini, hotdogs, salad and dips, ice cream, blueberry crumble and custard. That sort of thing.

 Entertainment: A series of uplifting writing related quotes and the kind of personal motivation writers need when they roll up their sleeves in order to get the words on the page and WABLOW.

Please play the music of your choice and feel free to dance after every 500 words in order to increase blood flow to the brain and typing fingers. Tell your family and…

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