Secret Tips For Novelists #1- Why your Main Character’s Lowest Point is your Writer’s Sweet Spot

write your novel in a year

Writers all get the first drafts of their novels down in their own way. Some just start writing and use their first draft as an exploration to actually find out what their story is (these writers are often referred to as ‘pantsers’, i.e. those who write by the seat of their pants). At the other end of the spectrum are the plotters; those who make meticulous detailed plans, worked out on spreadsheets, pie charts, flow charts, blueprints, mind maps and Venn diagrams.

We have to discover our best way of working for ourselves.

However (dot dot dot)

At some stage or another we all have to turn our first draft into a final one. So whether you’ve got a huge flabby sprawl to whip into shape, or a really quite toned form already, before you send it Out There, you need to check that your story works for a reader…

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