Act One – How to Write a Good Beginning…

Here’s a great way to outline the first quarter of your story. J

write your novel in a year

Act One – The Orphan

Once upon a time, in a land far away there was a King and a Queen and they had three beautiful daughters… but the most beautiful of all was Psyche.

Adapted from Greek myth, The Tale of Eros and Psych

The Archetypal Pattern of Act One

The archetypal pattern of act one is based around the Call to Adventure. Without it there would be no story. In order to Cross the First Threshold your protagonist must be summoned by circumstance and encouraged by Meeting the Mentor.

So those are the three main scenes or pressure points of Act One.

  1. Call to Adventure – does your MC accept or refuse the call?
  2. Meeting the Mentor – the mentor might be a single individual or simply someone or something wearing the ‘mask of the mentor.
  3. Crossing the First Threshold – remember the importance of contrast in…

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