Writing a novel is like releasing a baby turtle…

Why is writing a novel like releasing a baby turtle into the ocean?

Because it’s a long trip into dangerous watersturtle release 6.

Small flippers are a reminder that every writer starts a new story idea, novel or book of poems, both weak  and vulnerable as they crawl towards the ocean of time and words ahead of them.

Art comes first – the crazy days of fevered writing, writing wild, freeing the writer within a magic window of time appears so you do the kind of writing you always dreamed of, the kind you do instead of getting dressed, instead of eating the kind where you dive in because the work has grown in you first and then allows you to go swimming down to the depths of itself, putting one word in front of the other, hour after hour.

How do you prepare for this moment?

Free writing on a regular basis is the best way. Writing for five minutes or more without thinking too much, without censoring yourself, your thoughts, images, ideas or judgments.  This stream of consciousness style of writing whatever floats through your head at that moment of writing, if practiced on a regular basis can help improve your writing on all levels.

It’s a ticket to riding the star-ship across the dimensions of your incredible mind and get into the zone of the imagination.  The more you go there the easier it gets. Your muse has your number and you have hers.  In fact, you’re so close you’re practically related.  She’s connected to your everyday life. And that’s how you fall in love with writing.

And it’s also how to get fast at writing.  Like the baby turtles.  At first it’s a harsh world full of predators, currents, storms and fishing nets the size of wandering islands.

But once these delicate creatures grow into huge great full grown leather-backs with the force, power and weight to get a hefty speed going.

The Writer Grows through Free Writing

In the same way, the writer grows through free writing.  Think of it as a portal to the weird dimension of imagination, the wild zone of creative thinking.   This is where art is born.  Creative writing is ignited and fueled by art.

To build a highway to this soulful inner playground, writing freely and fully. In your writer’s notebook, sketch a map of the words that speak your individual language – your personal dialect, framework, visions, dreams, beliefs and fears.   Surf the wave of your inner bard.  Hitch a ride on the wild horse of your poet self.

Whether you’re composing an email, text, song, haiku or 160,000 word novel – the voice you find in free writing is your unique signature on the page. Play around with metaphors, similes and twist cliches until they squeak like a chicken in the grip of a python.

Your true writer’s voice.  The individual spark of creativity lurking inside; elusive, sensitive and wild.  Approach with caution.  Writing this way can seriously improve your writing.